August 20, 2018

APSSDC Workshop on Advanced Phython

A 3 -day workshop on advanced python in association with APSSDC

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized a three day workshop on advanced python in association with Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation(APSSDC) for the fourth year students from 10-08-2018 to 12-08-2018

The program was part of the SSE initiatives for enhancing the skill set of the students beyond the undergraduate curriculum in the state of the art technologies and keeping them prepared to meet the challenges after they graduate.


  This workshop was inaugurated by Dr.A.Senthilkumar Principal of SSE. Dr.P.Narayana Reddy (group director of Sanskrithi Group of Institutions) and Mr.K.V.Prasada Reddy (Head of the department of Computer Science & Engineering) delivered speeches inspiring the students to get familiarised with key technologies beyond the curriculum.
Lamp lighting 
Address by Principal
Students listening with rapt attention.

 Workshop activities:

 DAY 1: Students were given a comprehensive demonstration of phthon  capabilities and how to use the various features of the Programming Language and its uses in various application areas. The  sessions were allocated to give   hands on experience  in which the students  downloaded and installed the software under the guidance of the resource persons. Students  were encouraged to check and learn various features to be implemented for various applications. 
The objective of the first day is to learn installation and basic environment setup and basics of the language such as data types, programming structures, data structures operators and etc. with example programs. Day 1 of the workshop was closed after conducting an examination.

DAY 2:
 The  main focus on Day 2 was on topics such as strings, dictionary, functions, modules, files i/o, exceptions, date and time. Along with these basic topics they also introduced the advanced topics such as classes / objects, Regular Expressions, CGI Programming, Data base access, Networking, sending mail etc. The students enthusiastically worked on  how to use the various features of the language with more number of examples. 

DAY 3:
The final day of the workshop covered on  remaining advanced topics such as multithreading, xml parsing, GUI programming and further extensions along with application development techniques, debugging techniques and information about various tools/utilities and useful resources available for Python programming. 
Workshop day 3

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